Meet Our Team

Combined, our all star team of digital strategists, analytics experts, and marketing specialists has more than a century of dedicated digital marketing experience.

Take a minute and get to know the people that are committed to making analytics easier for you. They believe in the power of a unified platform and they believe your time is valuable, which is why they work to save you hours of stress.

Founder & Data Scientist

Jimmy is an Air Force veteran turned entrepreneur, data scientist, and marketing analytics coach & speaker. We’ve built marketing analytics dashboards for veterans and the franchise arena. With more than a dozen years in the military and 15 years in the franchise space, Jimmy had the pleasure of combining both his military family and franchise family into his business. He uses his marketing analytics dashboard to measure and monitor crucial metrics and for training.

Director of Sales

Brett has deep roots in franchise as his family owned several restaurant concepts in his youth. An accomplished Director Of Business Development with a demonstrated history of excelling in software/technology sales. Brett has sold software in the franchise space for over 15 years so it was an amazingly stellar match for us here. Brett promoted the ISL dashboard for years alongside CRM.  Being a sales, marketing, and technology specialist, he’ll fit right in here.

Director of Programming

David has over 8 years of experience in the IT industry, primarily as a Software Developer, working with a diverse set of businesses to deliver innovative, feature-rich applications for web, mobile, and desktop.

The Strategy Labs Lab

When Spenser isn’t chewing his way through all manner of family heirlooms, he’s soaking up the SoCal sunshine. With the promise of filling the paws of Bronco Maximus, he’s always on the search for new opportunities to make friends.

Groups & Partners

As a former digital agency, we became very adept at creating strategies for our clients….it’s in our DNA; and our business name! When we decided to halt digital marketing services in favor of laser focused data dashboards, coaching, and our bootcamps, we knew we had to heavily rely on award winning Strategic Partners to help our customers improve their business based upon our audits & recommendations.