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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is free trial?

14 days and no credit card required.

Is free trial fully featured?

The only missing features are SMS alerts and the ability to download/export/pdf data tables.

Can I import data?

We do have several csv imports for revenue & transaction data.

Do I need to build my own reports?

The Engine is completely prebuilt. Simply connect your accounts and you'll have targeted insights within minutes.

Do you use GA4?

We're currently building out our GA4 platform. If you don't have GA4 running in tandem currently, we can help!

What integrators do you use?

We use API's, web hooks, CSV, and Zapier.

Can I track multiple marketplaces?

Yes, with a limit of five different marketplaces. Any marketplace or shopping cart with a unique Google Analytics account can be added to our system. Additionally, our dashboard can summarize all data in a brand rollup so you can see all transactions and revenue in one place.

What Are You Waiting For?

Simply add your credentials and the Engine will crunch all your data, present you with an audit score and business intelligence recommendations to immediately increase revenue.

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