ISL First Dashboard

Google had not created a brand rollup at this tiime and we really needed one for our multi-location clients.

First SAAS Dashboard

This was our very first database driven SaaS dashboard specifically used solely for our digital marketing clients.

Version II

An upgraded platform from previous version along with more social media API's made this a perfect fit. This was also the year we closed our agency and went full dashboard measurement & analytics coaching.

White Labels

This was a great client growth period as several agencies had white label versions of our platform. This was the peak of growth for our ill-fated LLC. Lack of investor participation led to eventual closure of the LLC in 2018.

Refined Brand Rollup

One of the best brand roll-ups in the marketplace and a key feature to our platform for franchise business. Very challenging time for LLC and the last year of business.

Version III

Rivitalized ISL Inc with a brand new dev team, bootstrap, and now on AWS, Version III is a fire breathing dashboard complete with double the API connections, CSV inputs and full of 9 years of design & usage experience.

Peer Review Report

Nothing pushes performance like peer review reporting! Almost a dozen peer review stats to pinpoint struggling locations and in what area they need help.

Baseline & Initial Audits

Covid demanded more automation as brands were trying to do more without the aid of expensive agencies. We ran routine audit reports comparing top KPI's to Google or brand standards. Business Intelligence starting to find a place in our platforms.

Alerts & Notifications

Stepping up even more in the advocacy & transparency roll, the Engine automatically identifies trends that cost revenue & transactions.

Whether it's page load, bounce rate, ROAS, or and campaign that is not running optimally, the Engine will email and even SMS alert when issues arise. 24/7 support that even agencies love!

More Business Intelligence

Integrating audits, daily alerts, and business intelligence into our Insights & Recommendations platform with our first version of task tracking. Accountability is introduced

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Grow With Google

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Task Management Module

Version II of our accountability module catalogs all alerts, notifications, audit demerits, and BI insights into a single module and includes status, priorities, and creates an accountability factor for marketers to grow.

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