The story behind ISL

When you have the data and know what the strategy should be, you’re in a position of control & power. We take this aspect of our job very, very seriously and our sole mission is to be advocates for our small business clients, their agency partners, and our agency partners.

We hate hearing about an owner or brand not having access to their own data. We also hate hearing an agency being held under the fire from a brand for an issue they are not in control of. Helping solve these issues is where we shine.

Years In Business
Founded in 2001
Active users and growing

In 2014, we closed our agency and started our journey as a Software as a Service (SaaS) company. A 5 year stint with an ill fated LLC brought us to our 2018 reformation of ISL. Today, we're a cohesive group of highly experienced data scientists with a shared mission of integrity through non-biased marketing analytics strategies.

Meet Our Team

How ISL started

ISL started in 2001 several years after my Air Force career. Over the next dozen years, our digital marketing agency flourished and we focused in on metrics, heat mapping, advanced analytics, and forensic analytics strategy. When Google Analytics didn't provide the data we needed, we started building our own solutions based upon the backbone of Google Analytics.

Our Mission And Our Promise

After 14 years as a digital agency, Internet Strategy Labs shifted focused and built The Insights Engine. Our team of a dedicated data scientists formed a New Mission: Provide transparent, non-bias metrics and automated business intelligence that spawned from 2 decades of agency work & coaching. We are no longer an agency. Why? When the Engine shows you bad mobile or campaign stats, we want you to know it’s a fact and not a play to earn your website or paid ad business. We gain trust incredibly fast and we love that.

Our Promise is to deliver non biased, agency level metrics, Insights, & Recommendations. Your promise is to act on our recommendations as that is when growth happens. Let's Grow Together!

Our investors

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