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Most dashboards require setup and you have to know what reports and metrics you want to measure. The Insights Engine is wildly different! We collect hundreds of datapoints, inspect and analyze, and provide actionable insights you and your team can adjust to increase
transactions and revenue.


Sync Google Analytics and almost a dozen other key marketing analytics sources


Let the Engine inspect and audit 18 months and hundreds of performance indicators


Implement up to 11 Business Intelligence Insights and Recommendations

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Client Testimonials

Military Veterans are among our most successful PuroClean franchisees so we want to do everything we can to quickly expand their ranks. The tools provided by Veteran Stats, such as daily alerts, regular audits and campaign performance, help us do exactly that.

Steve White
President PuroClean

Very recently, our page load speed skyrocketed! Thanks to the alert we received from the Engine, our website was quickly updated which saved us in ad spend because we fixed it so fast. We’ve trusted Jimmy’s software & consultation going on eleven years now.

Alicia Linden
Director of Marketing Dream Vacations

VetFran has utilized the "Engine" for many years and Jimmy's efforts supporting veterans and brands has positively impacted both communities. So much so, he's been appointed to a permanent seat as Marketing & Technology Chair.

Ron Bender
2nd Vice Chair, VetFran

Right from the beginning in the military spouse/veteran bootcamp to the level of detailed information provided by the intuitive Engine along with the support from Jimmy's team has been a huge benefit that has helped our non-profit tremendously.

Michael Hicks
NonProfit Founder

I've worked with Jimmy and his team for nearly a decade leading multiple brands as well as while serving as the Chair for VetFran. Jimmy's dashboard and the support provided to franchise brands and to the VetFran non-profit awareness efforts are greatly appreciated.

Jeff Bevis
Caring Senior Service HQ

Our Mission And Our Promise

After 14 years as a digital agency, Internet Strategy Labs shifted focused and built The Insights Engine. Our team of a dedicated data scientists formed a New Mission: Provide transparent, non-bias metrics and automated business intelligence that spawned from 2 decades of agency work & coaching. We are no longer an agency. Why? When the Engine shows you bad mobile or campaign stats, we want you to know it’s a fact and not a play to earn your website or paid ad business. We gain trust incredibly fast and we love that.

Our Promise is to deliver non biased, agency level metrics, Insights, & Recommendations. Your promise is to act on our recommendations as that is when growth happens. Let's Grow Together!

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